Monday, 12 December 2011

The machinist

The machinist is a rather dark, mysterious, psychological thriller. The pace seems to be quite slow, Everything is almost cryptic, enigma is created and the viewer isnt fully aware of whats going on, but the opening still gives the impression that later on in the film, the viewer will start to make some sence of it.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Initial idea in under 140 characters. (one for opening, one for actual film)

Man on bench, having cigarette, disturbing cuts to scenes as zooms in, after last cut, man is gone.

Man with psychological issues, isolated. Questions issues re what is normal, differences in human psyche.

Monday, 5 December 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The girl with the dragon tattoo, keeps up with the theme of looking for someone who is lost, much like shutter island (but obviously different) and the sequel "The Girl Who Played With Fire" is about the main character being framed for murder. this also strengthens the idea of psychological thrillers having the crime theme.

Psychological thriller techniques

Psychological thrillers tend to have a first person narrative, starting with a back story.
like, in "Shutter Island" it starts with someone missing, so the whole story is about looking for this person.
 A lot of psychological thrillers have an element of crime, so some may have a detective or gangster theme.

Monday, 28 November 2011

List of Psychological thrillers

Places to get ideas...












G cont.




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J cont.




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C cont.



Psychological thriller is a specific sub-genre of the broad ranged thriller with heavy focus on characters. However, it often incorporates elements from the mystery and drama genre, along with the typical traits of the thriller genre. In addition to drama and mystery, Many psychological thrillers contain elements of, and often overlap with, the horror genre, particularly psychological horror.

Characters are no longer reliant on physical strength to overcome their brutish enemies (which is often the case in typical action-thrillers), but rather are reliant on their mental resources, whether it be by battling wits with a formidable opponent or by battling for equilibrium in the character's own mind.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Thriller Soundtracks

Thrillers mainly consist of sub-genres of metal, for example; Freddy vs jason has these songs:
  1. "How Can I Live" - Ill Niño (3:18)
  2. "When Darkness Falls" - Killswitch Engage (4:02)
  3. "Beginning of the End" - Spineshank (3:32)
  4. "Sun Doesn't Rise" - Mushroomhead (3:13)
  5. "Condemned Until Rebirth" - Hatebreed (2:07)
  6. "Snap" - Slipknot (2:42)
  7. "Army of Me" - Chimaira (4:21)
  8. "The After Dinner Payback" - From Autumn To Ashes (2:50)
  9. "Leech" - Sevendust (4:30)
  10. "Bombshell" - Powerman 5000 (3:14)
  11. "Welcome to the Strange" - Murderdolls (4:19)
  12. "Out of My Way" - Seether (3:51)
  13. "Inside the Cynic" - Stone Sour (3:23)
  14. "Swinging the Dead" - DevilDriver (3:38)
  15. "The Waste" - Sepultura with Mike Patton (3:39)
  16. "Middle of Nowhere" - The Blank Theory (4:05)
  17. "Ether" - Nothingface (3:43)
  18. "Trigger" - In Flames (4:56)
  19. "11th Hour" - Lamb of God (3:44)
  20. "(We Were) Electrocute" - Type O Negative (6:49)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Although this video is 7 minutes long, I will only focus on the first 2 or 3 minutes (even though the last bit is the best)

The mise en scene at the opening of the film is of a drugs lab, the camera pans, zooms, and tracks the creation of extacy. there is a medium close up of a man in a lab suit, placing us in quite a modern setting.
This scene also cuts to shots of a police briefing, where there are men all "geared up" ready for conflict and a foreign man in a suit with prostitutes on his bed. the prostitutes are used to emphasis this mans ruthlessness and power as they are scared when they confidently fire his gun.
The snapping in and out of the shots of the police creates an enigma, as the viewer wants to know what is going to happen. (obviously, they should be able to link it to the drugs at the start) but the viewer wants to know what will happen during this drugs raid.

Friday, 21 October 2011


During filming, we made a few continuity errors, like wearing a hoodie for one day of filming, and not having the next time, so half the time we had a character walking round in different clothes which doesnt make any sence.

something we did quite well, was getting decent shots. there is one shot in a toilet cubical, where we used a high angle shot lookiing down on a character who is going to take what he thinks is drugs, he later finds out he was "stitched".

next time we film, we need to make sure people wear the same things on days of filming, and should probably work on the sound quality, seeing as that was pretty poor.

during this process, I learned that the smallest mistakes can ruin the intire film.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


I have nearly finished editing my short, 2 minute film... its not very good, but I added some comical music to liven it up a bit... the editing is now finished, it just needs to be exported now. (will put some screenshots in when i have the programme in front of me)


im going to take some photos of the storyboard when i get hold of it, then i'll put them on here, but the story board is MIA at this point in time.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Welcome to my super cool blog.

Why have i chosen media?
I have chosen media, as I took t as a BTEC and was probably my favourate subject.

What other subjects have I chosen?
I have chosen maths, english literature and business.

Who is my favourate band?
My favourate band is "Bring Me The Horizon" as I love their Brutality.

What is my favourate TV programme?
My favourate TV programme is Southpark, because it is funny.

Who is my favourate director?
Guy richie, as I loved "Lock stock and two smoking barrels" and "snatch".

What is my favourate magazine?
Kerrang! as it is about my genre of music.

Whats My favourate website to read?
Sickapeadia, 'cos its siiick.